Hilarious Parents Are Trolling Their Kids on Venmo

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The surest test of whether or not you are old is this: Do you know what Venmo is? Venmo is an app that lets you send money to friends via text, and it’s also a weird sort of financial social network. It’s owned by Paypal and it’s like Facebook, but for paying people. Users can request money from their friends, and the transactions show up in a Facebook-style feed with all sorts of emojis. Everyone can see who is paying whom, with comments and emojis. The dollar amounts are hidden except to the sender and recipient, though.

I don’t really get Venmo, because I am an old, but young people use it all the time. Everyone loves Venmo. Now even parents are using Venmo, and Buzzfeed found out that the results are pretty hilarious.

Like this mom who sent her kid $360 for “bail” in front of all their friends.

I really love this mom who signed up for Venmo and then just sent one of her daughter’s friends $20, just for fun.

This one accidentally put the “beer” emoji with the grocery  money she sent her kid and had to correct any confusion.

The teens all seem to be taking their parents’ trolling pretty well, mostly because all these drags come with money attached. My mom can write “I love you!” all over my Facebook wall as much as she wants if she includes $50 each time.

Not everyone is getting money, though. Some app-savvy parents have figured out that the “request payment” button can also be used for shenanigans. So they can troll their kids without having to pay for the privilege.

Like this parent who wants his $50 T-ball registration fee back from 2001.

or this one who sent a request for $4,000 for being annnoying.

This one is either a mom making a mom joke, or the world’s worst scam artist.

I think I’m starting to get the appeal of Venmo now. Also, apparently we can impress the hell out of our babysitters if we pay them using Venmo.

Now I need to finally sign up for Venmo just so I can look “hip with it” to the babysitter.

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