The 9 Most Bizarre Things That Parents Have Started Facebook Groups To Protest

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If there’s something out there you don’t like as a parent, Facebook is a pretty good place to meet up with other people who share your views. And if you’re having a boner of a Friday morning, Facebook also happens to be a pretty good place to get your jollies by pointing and laughing at some of the hilariously terrible ‘anti’ pages out there. Grab your coffee and settle in: here’s a round-up of the 9 most WTF ‘parents against X’ groups on Facebook.

1. I couldn’t find any references to ‘precious bodily fluids’, though.

moms against fluoridation


A lack of cavities is for the weak. According to this site, fluoridated drinking water is a neurotoxin, causes diabetes, and worst of all … it might make you fat. Horrors!

2. Won’t someone please stop protecting the children?

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.35.22 AM(via)

 There are loads and loads of anti-CPS groups, including this one, which calls accuses the organization of ‘child trafficking’ and attributes a mock mission statement to them that says:

“Our corruption is literally endless … we have the President of the United States in our back pocket.”

Yeah, I can’t even keep count how many times the President personally intervened to help out our district social worker’s cases when I used to teach! Because you can’t really count to ‘zero’.

3. Fighting for the right to bear arms (in Applebee’s).

moms against gun free zones(via)

Guns, everywhere, all the time. That’s the only way to keep our children truly safe. Bonus: non-ironic usage of hashtag #imissamerica. Well, just keep shooting until you don’t miss, then!

4. I dare you to read this name without hearing Patty Smyth in your head.

parents against vaccination(via)

The name is cut off in the header, but if you can’t tell or guess, this group is called “Warrior Moms and Dads Against Mandatory Vaccination“. It’s for people who can handle the TRUTH about how vaccines and GMOs combine in our bodies to cause autism and neurodegenerative diseases. Fight on from your keyboards, brave warriors, fight on.

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