Let this Dancing Toddler be Your Cuteness Break for the Day

The world is kind of a shitshow right now. It’s hard to even know what to look at, because every time you open any sort of media, there are seemingly 40 or 50 new things that are immensely important, all appearing and requiring your attention at exactly the same time. Every day is a barrage of new types of insanity coming from all directions. It’s bewildering, and sometimes a person just needs to stop, recoup, and rest her brain for a minute before getting back to the real work. So in the interest of resting our brains for a minute, let me introduce everybody to this adorable dancing baby who can barely walk, but she’s still got moves.

Look at those legs! Look at that face! Look how happy she is. Everyone should be that happy and that passionate about something.

This baby is just one year old! When my baby was one, I thought it was amazing that she could snap her hand over her head and sing, “Work!” when I sang Hamilton songs to her, but this baby girl has a whole routine. She knows the song, and she has her dance ready as soon as it starts. This little girl’s mother must sing all the time, and that must be where she picked this up. You need to watch the whole thing, too, because in the middle she really starts getting into it and starts making very serious faces, and your ovaries will explode.

According to The Huffington Post, Meyoka Carmichael posted the photo of her super adorable baby girl singing on Facebook, and everyone went nuts. The video has been viewed 4.3 million times, and people can’t get enough of the baby with her adorable cheeks and deep commitment to singing this song with all her tiny heart.


This isn’t a first for the baby, either. Singing is her thing. In this video she’s singing and dancing to a song called “Go Get It” by gospel group Mary Mary, but she has other favorite numbers, too. She has a tiny pink plastic microphone and a whole repertoire of favorite songs.

She’s so cute, I can’t deal. She’s making me want another baby, but I think I can get by if I just watch the video again.

Man, that’s a cute baby!

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