The Driver Who Threw A Mom And Her Crying Child Off His Bus Needs To Get A Grip

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shutterstock_200956163__1409915993_142.196.167.223A bus driver in England made a mother whose 15-month-old was crying get off his bus. Mom also had her six-year-old son in tow. Mom tried and tried, but as much as she looked she simply couldn’t find her kid’s “off” switch. Why do people assume that parents can magically get their kids to stop crying? It does not work that way, people.

Susan Tanner says she was shocked when the driver approached her about her child. She told Kent Online:

 “The driver said: ‘Do you need some time out?’ I said what do you mean?

“He said: ‘Do you need to get off the bus because the baby is crying?’ I said no and I asked the other passengers if the baby was disturbing them. None of them said so.

“The driver then said: ‘It’s disturbing me and I would like you to get off the bus’. Frankie was so upset because he didn’t understand why his mum was thrown off the bus.”

The only people who insist that it’s possible to get a toddler to stop crying on demand are people who have never had a toddler. I am in total agreement that crying children are a distraction, but there are always distractions on public busses. Being able to weather those distractions is part of this guy’s job. The public is annoying – period. I’m trying to think of a good enough excuse to kick a mother with two small children in tow off of her means of transportation – “I’m annoyed” isn’t one of them.

Of course, there is the usual chorus of “children are the worst” that erupts when something like this happens:

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Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 6.50.56 AM

Yes! Makes total sense. Inflicting pain on a child will definitely make him stop crying. And the sky is purple and up is down.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 6.59.00 AM

Supernanny can control children (in a scripted, controlled environment enhanced for TV). Why can’t you?

A woman with children has as much a right to ride the bus as anyone else. Kids cry sometimes – and whether you believe it or not, it can be impossible to get them to stop. Murphy’s Law of Public Humiliation pretty much guarantees kids exhibit this behavior at the most inopportune times – usually when trapped in a small area with a bunch of judgy passengers wondering why you can’t just beat your child into submission like the “good old days.”

(photo: Tupangato/ Shutterstock)