No, It’s Not Okay To Throw A Mother And Her Crying Toddler Off A Bus

shutterstock_153646751__1382037780_142.196.156.251An Australian bus driver was suspended this week for trying to make a mother and her crying toddler get off his bus. Imagine being the mom who has to ride the bus with an exhausted, crying child – and being asked to take your exhausted, crying child off that bus. I have no words.

The Sydney mother picked up her daughter from daycare just after 4pm on Tuesday. When her daughter began to whine on the bus, the driver asked her where she would be getting off. The mom says, “I told him on the other side of Bondi Beach and he said if my daughter didn’t stop carrying on like that I would have to get off the bus because he couldn’t drive.”

A demolition worker on the bus who felt the mom was being bullied by the driver came to her defense:

”I thought it was totally out of order what he was saying,” he said. ”I was taught to stick up for people who are being bullied. He was wrong and being aggressive towards her and I don’t think it’s the manly thing to do towards a woman.”

Liam and the bus driver got into an argument that resulted in the driver turned the engine off and stormed off the bus.

The sound of a crying or whining baby is unnerving – but the driver should have held it together. I mean, seriously, don’t we all have to deal with crap we don’t want to deal with in our jobs? That is especially true if your job involves dealing with the general public. I can’t even begin to tell you how many drunk jerks I had to deal with in my career (as a bartender, not a parenting writer). I don’t understand how anyone could feel it was okay to force a mom and her tired toddler to get off a bus. That is bullshit.

Toddlers don’t have “off” buttons, okay? Yes, it would make things easier for everyone – but that’s not the way it works. People need to stop making parents feel like outcasts for daring to be in public with their children. Obviously this woman doesn’t have her own transportation. She’s got as much right to ride the bus home as everyone else.

(photo: Pixel Memoirs/ Shutterstock)

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