Fifth Grade Student Forced To Lick His Teacher’s Desk Clean – School Board Doesn’t Care So Much

Student Forced To Lick A Desk Clean A student was forced to lick a desk clean in Troy, New York and it sounds to me like the school board is all “don’t worry about this it’s been handled shut up and go away and stop bothering us with your boring accusations of amazingly abusive behavior you annoying parents.” Now, the school board hasn’t actually said this, but what they did say, according to The Daily Mail, is:

Talking to Albany’s WRGB-TV, George Spencer says that when he went to the principal to ask for an apology from the teacher he was told ‘that would be a directive.’ 

The principal then told Spencer that ‘we’ve handled it, it’s confidential.’


Nice answer principal person! This does not sound like it has been “handled” to me because according to the parents of the young boy who used his mouth in place of a Clorox Clean-Up, George and Latonia Spencer , after this happened and their son was transferred to another class the dirty desk teacher still hasn’t apologized and actually told their son’s former classmates not to talk to him. Nice, huh? I’m with the parents here, I don’t know why the teacher hasn’t apologized or been disciplined and why the teacher felt it was okay to have this kid lick his desk after he drew on it. Kids doodle. They should not do so on school property. I could see making the kid stay after to clean desks. But to have him lick his desk clean? That’s abusive. And the teacher should be reprimanded. I hope these parents get their concerns addressed and their kid is feeling okay about school, because if I were him I certainly won’t be all excited about waking up in the morning. Kids have enough issues with bullying and schoolwork fears and to add being humiliated and forced to do something this icky I don’t blame this kid for being upset by this. I know teaching is a very demanding and stressful job, and I love and admire teachers so much. Just not the ones who act like creeps like this one in New York.

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