Great Irish Commercial For Marriage Equality Focuses On The Children

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When considering the ongoing debate about same-sex marriage, one component I always think about is the children. Aside from the discriminatory factors that reserve marriage for heterosexual couples, I also often consider how these laws impact families, specifically kids.

As I’ve written in the past, children of same-sex couples are vulnerable to a host of legal gaps when their parents are not legally married. Holes regarding parental consent in the case of an emergency, hospital visits, and other legalities could prevent one parent from having access to the child. Considering the many hypothetical scenarios that keep most parents up at night regarding their kid’s safety, imagine what it would feel like to know that in a life or death situation your partner would be powerless to help your child.

Helplessness is not something that any parent wants to feel, and yet archaic laws force some same-sex parents (depending on where they live) to live with such a possibility everyday.

This commercial by Marriage Equality, a not for profit organization in Ireland, presents such a scenario — only from the perspective of the child.

[youtube_iframe id=”BZU-HQ_c8bg”]

(photo: Shutterstock)