Labor Pains: Having A Baby Is Worth It

This week we’ve highlighted all sorts of stories about the horrors of childbirth. I even contributed my own tale of how I was pumped full of labor inducing drugs after my epidural hadn’t been put in properly. We also talked here about all the things no one tells you before you go into labor or bring home a baby. And it’s all true.

But in another way, it’s not true. What these stories neglect to mention is that there’s another thing that nobody tells you — particularly while they’re busy telling you horror stories about how bad labor and delivery were. What people neglect to tell you is that having a baby is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things in the world. Even after my horror story, which included having to have a Cesarean section after a full day of labor, when they put my beautiful little girl on my chest and she began nursing, the pain couldn’t come close to matching what I felt. And that relationship continued to grow and be one of the most rewarding things in my life.

When you bring the baby home from the hospital, yes, you may have some a ton of discomfort. But it’s also just blissful. You can sit and stare at your baby for hours. There comes a time in those first few weeks where the lack of sleep can really get to you. But before that, it’s just you and the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen laying there being precious. Even when they cry, it can be cool because you’re the one who figures out how to help them.

My husband and I really thought our lives got dramatically better the day we had our first child — and we’ve felt that way since then.

Sometimes mothers only feel comfortable talking about the bad stuff — the unexpected physical toll, the diapers, the nights watching over a sick child, the fights with your toddler or teen. But being a parent is a wonderful gift that pays out daily. In hugs and “I love you Mommy” and getting to rediscover the world through the eyes of your child. In a world where selfishness is prized marriage and raising children are great ways to learn the benefits of giving of yourself to others.

Not everyone has an easy time with it. Sometimes children present special challenges or spouses or loved ones fail to help or we ourselves don’t behave properly. This is true and unfortunate. But it’s also true that parents throughout the world will tell you that having a child is worth every moment of pain, from pregnancy through teenage years and beyond.

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