This Mom Freebirthed Her Son in Her Bathroom With Only Her Husband’s Help

There really is nothing like a determined mama! Marissa Heckel, a mom of two from Ohio, took determined to a whole new level when she decided to have a freebirth with her second baby. Rather than give birth in a hospital or birth center, Marissa wanted to have her baby at home. But unlike a typical home birth, she decided to go it totally alone (except for her husband). She gave birth at home, in her bathroom, without the assistance of any doctors, nurses, midwives, or doulas. Just Marissa, her husband, and eventually, their new little boy. WOW.

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Normally, when we hear about a freebirth, it’s sort of an accident! Mom went into labor, didn’t get to the hospital or center on time, and whoops, there’s a baby in your car. But Marissa planned her home freebirth from the very beginning.

In a post on Facebook shared by her friend, Marissa wrote that when she had her daughter 3 years ago in a hospital, the experience left a bad taste in her mouth. “Three years ago as of September I delivered my daughter in a hospital drug free. After a horrible experience being bullied about my birth plan and harassed throughout my labor, I decided to stay at home and deliver my son upon finding out I was pregnant.”

Marissa says her husband was very supportive, and that there were no other factors that contributed to decision, like finances. She says she opted out of using a midwife due to stubbornness: ” I simply do not like anyone trying to tell me what is best for me or my baby.”

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Marissa delivered her son in the bathroom after 36 hours of labor. And he was a healthy boy, weighing 9 1/2 pounds and measuring 22 inches! She says she coached herself through labor by telling herself the pain was only temporary. After being unable to find relief in the shower or tub, and feeling uncomfortable lying in bed, Marissa moved to the bathroom and labored on the toilet. When she felt the baby descend, she asked her husband to help her up, so she could deliver the head and shoulders standing up. Her placenta delivered about 20 minutes later.

Marissa says her husband stood there shocked, taking pictures. But she never doubted herself. “I’ve never felt so powerful and accomplished in my entire life. Our bodies truly are amazing!!”

You can read Marissa’s full story above. Congrats, warrior mama! Women are truly bad-ass!

(Image: Facebook/Marissa Heckel)

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