If Kid’s Birthday Party Invitations Told The Truth

Invitations to children’s birthday parties are cryptic, offering silly rhymes and photos of a child that isn’t your own instead of actual information about the party in question. If you’re (un)lucky enough to attend birthday parties along with your child, you may wish for one of these honest birthday party invitations — so you know ahead of time what kind of situation you’re getting into before sacrificing an entire Saturday afternoon.

1. Mom loves Pinterest!

My Invitation

As much as you loathe doing it, you admit the snacks are delicious and ask her for recipe tips as she hands out perfectly assembled goodie bags.

2. Our kid’s party cost more than your wedding.

My Invitation (1)Don’t forget to select a present from the list of enclosed gift registries.

3. So much for “dropping off.”

My Invitation (2)

Better safe than sorry.

4. Bring your purse.

My Invitation (5)

You wouldn’t be devastated if your child and Taylor had a falling out.

5. You are not worthy.

My Invitation (3)

When your child comes up to you mid-party to whisper that she’s hungry, bribe her with the promise of a Happy Meal on the ride home.

6. Well, this is awkward.

My Invitation (6)

The bake sale tomorrow is going to be so uncomfortable.

7. There’s no way we’re missing this party.

My Invitation (4)

Last year Kyle’s dad paid for an ice cream truck to come distract the kids for an hour so the adults could use the bouncy house.

8. YES.

My Invitation (7)

More power to parents with the energy to watch six little girls over night. If you feel being a good mom friend, you’ll offer a sleep over play date at your place soon. Maybe.

(feature image: Arina P Habich/shutterstock)

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