Pumpkin Butts Are the Latest Weird Fall Thing, Because Why Not

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We’ve seen pregnant bellies painted like pumpkins. We’ve seen babies sitting in hollowed out pumpkins. Well, now we can see lots of baby butts painted to look like pumpkins. People of fall, you need to calm the hell down. The latest fall photo op comes in the form of pumpkin butts. No, we don’t mean pumpkins that look like butts (which will always be funny). We mean bare-bottomed babies with actual pumpkins painted on their butts.

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Pumpkin butts are being called the hottest new Instagram trend. Because “hot” is the word we think of when we see a bunch of naked baby butts.

There are over 700 public posts tagged on Instagram with the #pumpkinbutts hashtag. Just a quick scroll through shows that a lot of them are, indeed, naked baby butts painted to look like pumpkins. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Two pumpkins are better than one, true. No butts are better than two, though.

Fall is a great time to do fall things! Not sure how this qualifies?

There’s been a lot of discussion around child nudity and social media. Obviously, some of these pictures are cute. And if you want to take the time to paint a pumpkin on your wiggly baby’s tushie, then have at it! But is it necessary to post them publicly? These pumpkin butt babies are going to grow into children and teens and adults. And their asses will be on the internet forever.

Some things are best kept off social media, and away from public consumption.

I have TONS of adorable photos of my kids in various stages of nakedness. Baby butts are adorable, we get it! But I wouldn’t post them on social media. And I keep my shit locked down tight. One day my kids are going to grow up, and every time I share a picture of them, I think about how they would feel about it years from now. Just a good rule of thumb, people!

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(Image: Facebook / Backroads Family Farm Market)