Pregnant Snooki Takes A Tumble In Heels So Sharpen Your Pitchforks

snookihighheelsWell, Hilary Duff must be somewhere heaving out a huge sigh of relief. The press usually can only devour one “bad mother” a news cycle at a time. Although the young mother definitely endured her fair share of mommy hate press for holding a lit cigarette on a night out sans baby, somewhere another celebrity mommy made a fumble that’s going to warrant a wagging finger. And it’s a good one.

Ladies, let us revisit the taboo of a pregnant lady sticking to her Stilettos.

Snooki may seem pretty confident in her whopping heels but — much like even seasoned high heel wearers can do from time to time — the mother-to-be took a fall while shopping. At six months along, the reality star and bump exploiting extraordinaire was wearing platform wedges that put a good chunk of space between her petite body and the ground.

The Jersey Shore kid appeared to be fine, literally dusting herself off and going about her business. But don’t think this “incident” isn’t going to open yet another Pandora’s box of mommy shaming.

(photo: Adisa/Shutterstock)

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