14 Coolest Pregnant Belly Paintings on Instagram

Pregnancy can come with a lot of aches and pains (and pains in the ass), but there’s also plenty of fun to be had. Baby showers can be pretty cool, especially if you do them in a way that best celebrates your journey. Shopping for baby clothes and maternity clothes can be enjoyable. And then there’s belly painting! Yes, pregnant belly paintings are a thing””and a fun one at that. While some get their bellies painted with henna during blessingway ceremonies (based on an old Navajo tradition), others opt to get even more creative with the artwork. Paintings of baby feet, beloved cartoon characters, beautiful flowers and butterflies, meaningful words, one color or a rainbow of them””there’s really no wrong way to do pregnant belly paintings. They are yours to create and wear and show off however you want!

I’ve gathered up some of the coolest pregnant belly painting on Instagram that range from cute to clever and everything in between.

1. Like utterly gorgeous mandala-inspired pregnant belly paintings


2. Perhaps you’re feeling something more…celestial?


3. And speaking of stars…I know plenty of fans who would dig a Death Star belly painting


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4. You could always try to paint the most accurate pic you have of your baby-to-be so far


5. Or maybe something more representative of the placenta a.k.a. the Tree of Life


6. How about a beautiful moonscape?


7. Glow-in-the-dark pregnant belly painting, anyone?


8. You could always invoke your favorite children’s story for inspiration


9. …Or your favorite children’s movie!


10. Another pretty mandala-inspired belly, all in white this time


11. This Lisa Frank-esque tiger is certainly unique


12. You could always get your other children involved


13. Or even your partner


14. And rainbow bellies are lovely both for rainbow mommies and LGBTQ mommies showing off their pride


Have you ever gotten your belly painted while pregnant? Was it a special occasion or simply a spur-of-the-moment just-for-fun sort of thing? In retrospect, I wish I’d tried it out, and if I ever decide to go for another baby, I’ll definitely get it done.

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(Image: via Instagram / @allthingsbaby__)

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