Dad Trolling Goes Next Level With This Hilarious Meme

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Dad trolling is the best. Only a dad can troll his family in a way that makes you laugh while wondering if you’re next. But when dad trolling combines signature dad humor with popular memes, the result is even better. One Twitter user shared a screenshot of a text between her and her parents. In the thread, mom sends a cute selfie. And dad replies in a way that only dads can. Troll level=expert.

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Twitter user Aggie shared the screenshot of the text her dad sent her mom.

His dad trolling is on point.

Her mom’s out here just trying to get some love for a cute, funny selfie. And dad roasts her so hard. That’s cold, man.

We seriously love the sense of humor in this family. How many dads do you know have popular memes saved on their phone, just waiting for the opportunity to drop a burn in a group chat? The replies to her original tweet are hilarious, and a lot of people appreciated that her parents seem to have fun with each other, even after being together for so long.

And that is so true! You have to have fun together, and keep it light sometimes. Marriage is hard, and these funny little moments are important. Apparently, her dad is known for being a bit of a jokester, too.

Aggie followed up the hilarious dad jokes tweet with a picture of her mom not in a funny wig. She said her mom asked her to send it so the internet didn’t think she was ugly. We are dying.

Mama! You are GORGEOUS. The internet will back me up on that.

We love good dad jokes, and we love to see a couple having some fun even more. Kudos to Aggie’s mom and dad for being awesome, and for being good sports. It’s not easy when your daughter makes you go viral, LOL.

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