Grandma Accidentally Buys R-Rated Book for Her Granddaughter, and It’s Hilarious

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We can all agree that grandmas are the best, right? They love on our kids, give them all the things we say no to, pump them full of treats, and send them home with gifts. And sometimes, they inadvertently teach their 6-year old granddaughters some very colorful language. Twitter user Tiffany posted a picture of the r-rated book her mom bought for her daughter, and OMG. This is seriously the best.

Pro-tip: always read it first to make sure you’re not giving your kids an r-rated book by mistake.

Apparently her mom hadn’t read the book yet, and had no idea what the animals would say if they could talk. These animals are not playing around.

This is the FIRST PAGE. We imagine that’s exactly what a chick would say, too.

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