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Dad Goes Viral for What He Did After After His Breastfeeding Partner Leaked Milk Out in Public

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If you’ve ever had a baby and committed yourself to breastfeeding, you know firsthand how difficult it can be. It’s physically and psychologically demanding, and it can feel very isolating at times. Having a strong support system is imperative to successful breastfeeding, too. Whether it’s your partner or your friends and family, feeling supported through your journey can make all the difference. One mom shared a photo on Facebook, showing how her partner has gone above and beyond in the breastfeeding support department the second time around. The feels, we have them.

Chris Lopez shared the photo on the Breastfeeding page on Facebook, showing how her partner offers breastfeeding support in his own adorable way.


In the caption she included with the photo, Chris said she struggled with nursing her first baby, and didn’t feel very supported. Chris says, “When I had my son I couldn’t breastfeed more than 4 months. I was extremely insecure to nurse in public. I felt very alone and didn’t have much of his support as he was going through his own struggles in life.” The first time around can be fraught with challenges! We totally understand being insecure.

However, she goes on to say that with her second baby, her partner really stepped up his breastfeeding support game.

She opened up to him about some of her concerns, and expressed that this time around, she really needed him to step up and be there for her. She says, “He didn’t realize how much I needed his support until I actually opened my mouth and expressed it to him and boy has he come through. There has def been a few times where I was ready to give up and he didn’t let me.” He heard her, listened to her needs, and he came through! That’s a solid partner and papa.

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Posted by Chris Lopez on Thursday, October 12, 2017

When Chris found herself out and about with no boob pads, she leaked through her shirt (been there). So what did her man do? Well, he “leaked” through his shirt too. Solidarity!

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He used a napkin to dab some water on his shirt so she wouldn’t be alone with her wet spot. How sweet is that?! We love reading stories like this, of parents working together to support one another on this journey. It is the farthest thing from easy in the whole world, but if you’ve got good people along with you, at least it can be enjoyable.

(Image: Facebook / Chris Lopez)