10 Baby Items You Probably Don’t Need, According To Mommyish Readers

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While there are baby “necessities” that you don’t need on your baby shower registry, the endless plethora of crap marketed to new parents rages beyond the occasion for cupcakes, specifically when staring googly-eyed at all the new gadgets. Walk down the aisle of any baby store while expecting and you’ll suddenly find yourself delighted with things like a wipe warmer! Timers! And more fun stroller configurations that you can imagine.

But according to Mommyish readers, barring unique circumstances, you probably don’t need the following baby items. Or rather, you should just wait until you actually do need them to purchase them.

1. Baby Sling

blue baby sling

ScreenHunter_134 Aug. 14 13.43

(photo: monkeysinmypocket)

2. Baby Timer

Itz Been Timer


(photo: Scott Beale)

3. Super Tiny Newborn Clothing When You Don’t Know The Size Of Your Baby

newborn booties

ScreenHunter_137 Aug. 14 15.37

(photo: Sckoon)

4. Full-Sized Baby Swing

baby swing full sized

full sized swing

(photo: whatsnextbaby)

5. Bottle Warmer

bottle warmer

ScreenHunter_137 Aug. 14 15.38

(photo: aroma4)

6. Crib That Converts Into A Bed

toddler crib bed

ScreenHunter_137 Aug. 14 15.39

(photo: LauraBaker)

7. Travel System Stoller

travel system stroller

ScreenHunter_137 Aug. 14 15.40

(photo: innocentcharmer)

8. Wipes Warmer (Bears Repeating)

wipes warmer

wipes warmer 1

wipes warmer 2

wipes warmer 3

(photo: utpalrana)

9. Custom Made Crib Bedding

Reagan Crib Bedding 3

crib bedding


10. Bassinet


ScreenHunter_137 Aug. 14 15.42

(photo: kajohn345)