8 Things That Go Through Your Mind Every Day After You Pass Your Due Date

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When friends are pregnant with their first child and they get excited about their impending due dates, I have to remember to keep my mouth shut and not share the news that I was very late with both of my children. No hugely pregnant woman wants to be reminded that is an option.

When I was pregnant, 37 weeks was still considered “full term,” not the 39 weeks it is now. So naturally, at week 37 I convinced myself the baby would be coming at any minute. I was wrong. I continued to be wrong – for five more weeks. That’s right – I gave birth at the end of week 42 in both pregnancies.

Here is what goes through your mind every after your due date passes.

1. It HAS to be today!



2. I’m going to relax and not think about it.



Yeah. Good luck with that.

3. Has anyone ever been pregnant forever? I’m Googling it.



It’s happened, right?

4. I’m beyond irritated. 



It’s amazing how fast the adorable glow of pregnancy can shift to “I fucking hate everything get the hell away from me.”

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