12 Gifts Every Pregnant Woman Desperately Needs In The Third Trimester


The simple act of procreation doesn’t warrant a gift in and of itself. But if you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how trying it can be at times with an end that never seems to be in sight. Pregnant women don’t deserve a pity party because they are willing participants in the process, but sometimes, it’s easy for a pregnant lady to get lost in the baby shower shuffle.

If you have a friend or relative who is pregnant, I can promise you with absolute certainty that she would be elated if you gave her a small token to show you are thinking of her in the third trimester. Of course, you can give a pregnant woman a gift any time you please, or you can choose not to give her a gift at all, and she’ll never be the wiser.

But for many women, myself included, the third trimester is a doozy. A little gift or a sweet Facebook message will make her day and temporarily distract her from the uncontrollable sweating, heartburn, and lower back pain.

So what does a pregnant lady really need to make her feel special in those last few months? Many times, the perfect gift for a pregnant woman is perfectly simple. Here are 12 great gift ideas to see a pregnant woman through to the finish line:

1. Massage: For any length, on any location, by any professional person.

2. Home Massager: If a professional massage is too expensive, put her spouse to work.


3. Free Babysitting: For even an hour, no strings attached!

4. Yoga Pants: The comfortable pre- and post-pregnancy gift that keeps on giving.


5. Good Book: To be beat boredom at the hospital.


6. Chocolate: One of the only ”safe” pregnancy indulgences.

7. Bath Bomb: Soak that aching back while enjoying delicious chocolate.


8. Home-Cooked Meal: Who wants to spend time in a hot kitchen while pregnant?

9. Pregnancy Pillow: Practical and necessary to get any sleep in the third trimester.


10. Adorable Maternity Dress: Just make sure you know her size to avoid any hurt feelings!


11. Makeup: Because pregnancy glow is a myth.


12. Game of Thrones DVD Set: To beat the boredom of waiting after the due date has passed.


(Image: Victoria Andreaswavebreakmedia/Shutterstock; Amazon)

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