There’s A Special Place In Hell For People Who Don’t Get Up For Hugely Pregnant Women On The Train

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F1020002I hate people who pretend they don’t see others who obviously need a seat more than they do on the train. It is the absolute worst.

An expectant mother in Calgary wrote a post about how appalled she is at the sheer number of times someone hasn’t gotten up for her eight-months-pregnant frame. Eight months is very pregnant. It’s not look at my cute little bump, pregnant. It’s my center of gravity is off, my feet are so swollen and standing on this train sucks so bad pregnant:

“It was winter, it was hot on the train, and I was feeling lightheaded, nobody was giving up their seats. And we were between stations so I wasn’t able to step outside to get some air,” she said.

“And when I felt myself at the point of nearly blacking out I asked some girl to move, however, I just didn’t get the words out on time and ended up fainting around 10th Street.”

I guess I should include all necessary disclaimers here. There are certainly people who have issues that are not apparent to the naked eye. There are certainly people who feel ill/ are unbelievably exhausted/ had the longest day, ever – etcetera. I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about the people who exist in their own bubbles, unaware or unconcerned about their fellow humans. It’s not cool to be this way.

I don’t reserve this ire for people who ignore pregnant women – there are plenty of people who could use a little relief. I was always amazed how often people didn’t get up for an elderly person on the train, or someone holding a sleeping child. I’m a train-stander, because I have this thing about stranger’s legs being smashed up against mine, but when I was pregnant, hell yeah I needed a seat. The commute to my weekly doctor’s appointments was a total drag.

I think some of the problem can be attributed to the fact that people communicate less and less. We don’t really make eye contact with strangers in big cities. It’s become easier and easier to disappear into ourselves because we are so used to doing it. But the thing is – you are not an island. There are people around that may need a little gesture of kindness.

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