Don’t Be The Pregnant Woman Who Takes Daily ‘Bumpies’ And Shares Them With All Your Friends

There’s a new trend in town for everyone to make fun of — the Bumpie. It’s selfie meets pregnancy bump picture meets photo app. I have mixed feelings about selfies, so by default I have mixed feelings about the Bumpie, too.

You can’t blame a woman for wanting to document her pregnancy. The epic changes her body goes through in such a short period of time are pretty unbelievable. We do have to admit that there are big-time over documenting offenders when it comes to sharing images of a growing bump, though. A pregnancy app that makes it easier to take daily photos and upload them to social media may just drive all your friends to drink, or at least make fun of you behind your back.

From Babycenter:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.13.47 AM

  • Weekly reminders: Never miss a Bumpie! Beginning at four weeks of pregnancy, users of the My Pregnancy Today app will see a reminder in the calendar view within the app to take their belly shot.
  • Custom camera overlay: Allows expectant moms to easily line up their belly shots so they’re consistent over time. This is the best way to capture changes in growth week after week.
  • Gallery: After a Bumpie is taken, it’s added to a private gallery within the My Pregnancy Today app where moms-to-be can review and share their pictures. Expectant moms can also swipe left or right to browse through their pictures, providing a fun way to see their week-by-week progress.

Beginning at four weeks? Woah. That’s a whole lot of nothing you’re documenting. Why someone couldn’t just use one of the many camera apps that’s already on their phone is beyond me.

The selfie gets a bad rap. The word makes me twitch, but the action itself is pretty liberating. You actually have total control of an image of yourself and can take one repeatedly until you find one you don’t want to burn with fire. If my Facebook feed is any indication, everyone’s addicted to them. I don’t understand why anyone would expect a pregnant woman to refrain from the action. At the same time, I don’t think you need a daily gallery either. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

Oh look, here I am with a new haircut! Oh look, I’m about to bite into a cronut! Oh look, I’m on vacation in a bathing suit and you’re stuck at your office job! Oh look, I just discovered I can see my reflection everywhere and will document it all day long! There are so many selfie offenders out there — I certainly don’t think we should single out pregnant women. And frankly, that’s what the “unfollow” button on Facebook is for. But if you start posting daily images of your growing bump, don’t be surprised if your audience starts getting smaller.

(photo: Babycenter)

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