The 10 Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

(iStock /vadimguzhva; Twitter /@PerfectPending)

We all know that raising children has its ups and downs and if were were happy at all seconds of the day, we would die from exhaustion of faking it all day. Parents understand the roller coaster ride of raising little humans who sometimes act like they’re from the wild and finding humor in it may be the only way we can survive it all.

And since it’s been a really long week and you might start feeling like you’re the only one whose kids are driving you a little bonkers, a laugh is in order and these parents find the laugh in 140 characters or less.

1. So annoying

 2. Will never understand him

 3. Step 7 is vital

4. Motherhood changes you

 5. It’s simple, yet …. 

6. Wait… I’m the adult?

7. World War worthy

8. It’s got grains in there, somewhere

 9. Practicing, right?

 10. Not the first time

Did you see or post a funny tweet this week that we can get a laugh from? Share in the comments!

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