Shocker! Husbands Stress Us Out More Than Our Kids Do

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I mean, we already knew this, but the confirmation is nice. Science comes through once again with the receipts, and tells us that moms stress MORE about their husbands than their children. I cannot even tell you how much my day-to-day stress level went down when my marriage ended, LOL. I’m certainly not advocating ending your marriage over this (although if it’s a big problem, there’s work to be done). And my mom stress when it comes to my kids didn’t get lower. But it’s so much easier to manage an actual child than it is an adult who behaves like one.

Mom stress is pretty much unavoidable. But it can be made so much more manageable if it weren’t for those damn husbands.

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In a study conducted by Today, 46% of the 7000 moms surveyed said their husbands were a bigger source of stress than their actual kids. Nearly half! The reason for this disparity? Well, say the moms, it’s hard to parent a freaking adult. When husbands act more like kids than equal partners, it just adds to our already overflowing cups of stress.

75% of moms who participated in the survey said that they feel the need to do all of the household and parenting chores. Emotional labor is a real think, and the bulk of it falls on our shoulders.

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We know to expect from our kids. And they’re kids! But it’s so much harder when a grown-ass man doesn’t pull his own weight. Says working mom Deno Fleno, “A 7-year-old is going to be a 7-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a 7-year-old is more stressful, because they should know better.”

Again, this isn’t really surprising to most moms. But hopefully, it’ll be a wake-up call for husbands! Don’t make our jobs harder, guys. Trust us, they are hard enough already.

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