10 Utterly Futile Tasks That All Parents Keep Doing Anyway

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There are so many moments in the day of a typical parent where we wonder- why bother? Why clean that mess, why issue that directive, why try at all when kids seem intent on thwarting us at every turn? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Does that mean all parents are losing it? Probably. Does it stop us from continuing to persist with the more futile tasks of parenting? Not even a little.

1. Arranging Throw Pillows And Blankets

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Every day, several times a day, I straighten the couch pillows and refold the throw blankets. Why do I bother when they just become building material for couch cushion forts?

2. Folding Kid Laundry



My son, in his never-ending quest for the perfect outfit, rifles through his drawers and unfolds everything so he can see which shirts he is dealing with. I should just start stuffing them in unfolded, yet, I persist.

3. Trying To Make A Kid Go Back To Bed

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Once a toddler is up at 6 am, they probably aren’t going back to bed. It doesn’t stop a parent from trying.

4. Wiping Fingerprints From Windows



It was fingerprints when they were little. Now, it’s full-blown drawings they make in the condensation. I keep wiping. They keep drawing. Who’s the fool?

5. Trying To Keep Socks On A Baby



I only kept this up in public or around my 80-year old grandmothers. Anyone who might question my commitment to keeping my babies warm. At home, I just turned up the heat a little and let them go barefoot. There is no point in trying to keep socks on a baby who wants them off. Even I’m not that dumb.

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