Sorry Alicia Silverstone, Your Toddler Shouldn’t Be At Coachella

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alicia silverstone bear coachellaAlicia Silverstone and her parenting techniques are back in the news! No, she’s not giving her son Bear cat baths using her own tongue. But she is bringing him along to the second weekend of Coachella.

Listen, I wasn’t bothered by the whole baby bird, premastication nonsense. It’s not a practice that I would choose to re-create with my own children. But if the actress wants to pre-chew her child’s food, who am I to judge? Baby bird feeding seems a little yucky, but definitely not harmful.

Taking a toddler to Coachella? That’s kind of a different story. I don’t care how adorable he looks in his noise-cancelling headphones.

Let’s think about the biggest story to come out of Coachella this year. In case you missed it, Rihanna tweeted a picture of herself possibly doing coke off a bald man’s head. And I guess we should include that Snoop Dogg performed with a hologram of Tupac.

This is a rock concert. A two-week-long, wild and crazy rock concert, filled with people making questionable choices. Even if Silverstone and her husband are stone-cold sober the entire time, there will be plenty of people around them who aren’t. And those people might not be considerate about the infant in someone’s arms.

I refuse to believe that this mother does not have access to any form of childcare. And with her obvious financial security, I think she could afford to have someone watch her son while she and her husband went and lived it up at a rock concert. I’m not saying that moms should all stay indoors and sing along to The Wiggles. By all means, go out and have fun.

But Coachella is not an appropriate place for a young child to be. This is the cause of a million internet rants about horrible parents who take their children to R-rated movies and expensive restaurants. It pretends that every occasion, no matter how much drug use is associated with it, can be fitting for children. They can’t, by the way. No matter how much you love children and no matter how well-behaved they are, they don’t need to be included in everything, all the time.

A huge music festival is one of those times when the kids should stay home.

(Photo: JustJared)