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Kid Predicts Fart-Filled Forecast After Crashing Weatherman’s Live Segment

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(YouTube / NewsFunnies)

Viewers of Mississippi’s WLBT received an unexpected weather forecast when a little boy crashed Meteorologist Patrick Ellis’ segment. Ellis was explaining Central Mississippi’s dew point when the boy, eight-year-old Houston, jumped in front of the camera.

“I don’t know what’s going on!” Houston exclaimed at Ellis, who looked momentarily confused before quickly regaining his composure. He then flapped his arms and shouted, “Kakaw! Kakaw!” before turning his body to fart on the weatherman. Yep, he really did that.

Ellis did his best to roll with Houston’s unexpected cameo and asked the little boy if he’d like to assist him with the rest of his weather report. “Yes! There are farts everywhere, and toots, it’s crazy!” Houston said, pointing in the general direction of Crystal Springs, MS. Unfortunately, Houston was pulled off camera before he could warn about any other potential flatulence issues.

In a Facebook Live video posted by Ellis the next day, he and his co-workers explained that kids often accompany their parents to the studio on the weekends. Houston, the son of a lawyer who was in the studio to do a call-in segment, has been to the studio many times before and has never pulled a stunt like this.

“We were just gonna roll with it,” said Ellis, “it was his dad who snatched him up. Everyone in the studio was just going to let me do what I needed to do.” Houston’s dad, Rocky, was horrified and apologized profusely to Ellis and the rest of the crew, but they assured him it was fine. “He made everybody laugh!” Ellis and his co-worker said.

“Farts and toots ARE hard to forecast. Houston let a lot of people know what was going to happen. He saved lives last night.” Ellis joked. “Not all heroes have capes.”

Watch Houston’s special appearance below:

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