Gerber Issues Recall on Toddler Pasta Meals Due to an ‘Oversight’


Times to check your cabinets, moms! Gerber has just issued a voluntary recall on their Cheese Ravioli Pasta Pick-Ups after realizing the labels fail to clearly mention egg is one of the allergens in the product. While egg is still listed in the ingredients, many parents rely on the section that says, “CONTAINS” meant to draw attention to allergens. Such a gaff can spell serious trouble for children who have egg allergies should parents forget to read through the entire ingredients list.

”We are updating our food package labels to make it easier to identify foods that contain allergens,” says a statement on Gerber’s website.

“On updated packages, allergens are included in the ingredient list and are additionally called out in a voluntary ”˜Contains’ statement that appears immediately below the ingredient line. However, there was an oversight on our label of Cheese Ravioli Gerber® Pasta Pick Ups® where ”˜Egg’ was included in the ingredient list but was not listed in the ”˜Contains’ statement.”

Parents should check for UPC code 159070 to see if their product was affected. Those with additional questions should call Gerber’s hotline at 1-800-510-7494.

And folks, it’s always a good idea to read through every single ingredient when your kid has allergies.

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