What You Might Have Missed From Netflix’s Ted Bundy Doc, Plus Some Stuff They Left Out

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Ted Bundy’s first known murder was in 1974, when he killed Lynda Ann Healy. But he’s believed to have killed a young girl when he was a teen.

Sometime during the night of August 31, 1961, 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr disappeared from her home in Tacoma, Washington. Her body was never found, but there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that her neighbor and local paper boy, 14-year-old Ted Bundy, was responsible for her disappearance and murder. Bundy always denied any involvement in the abduction and murder of Ann Marie. But there’s a longstanding rumor that he confessed to the crime at one point, either in prison or during the confessions he made right before his execution. Bundy exhibited much of the odd behavior we associate with psychopaths during childhood (harming animals, effortless lying, etc.), so it’s not a stretch to suspect her murdered Ann Marie.

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