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10 Sofia The First Plot Lines That Would Make The Show Bearable For Parents

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Because I’ve spent wayyyy too much time watching Sofia the First with my kids, rewriting the show in my head.

1. Sofia is confused about what it means to be a real princess. Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Aurora make special guest appearances to help her through her crisis. When Sofia asks why Snow White has not come with them, the other Princesses all roll their eyes and whisper to one another, “What do you think? Should we tell her?”


2. During a special Princess School flying derby match, Princess Sofia falls off her pony Minimus. She begrudgingly agrees to apply a plain, beige Bandaid to the booboo.

3. All of Princess Sofia’s underwear are in the laundry. Princess Amber worries they will be late for the Village Fair. When Prince James offers to lend Sofia a pair of his underpants, Sofia discovers they are blue! But, remembering how much Amber wants to go to the Fair, and mindful of the concept of time, Sofia says yes.


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