16 Reasons People Are Talking About Netflix’s True Crime Doc ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’

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Abducted in Plain Sight

Image: Netflix

Fans of true crime documentaries are loving what Netflix has been serving up lately. Ted Bundy, murder mysteries in the church, and shows about some of the most sensational cases of recent memory. It’s a true crime lovers dream! Or rather, a nightmare. Because lord knows we don’t sleep well after watching them. But we just can’t get enough. There’s something so fascinating about true crime. You think to yourself, how could this have possibly happened? So many of the stories are so outrageous, they beg the question: how in the hell did this actually happen in real life? True crime documentaries scare us, educate us, and make us gape in amazement and horror and we love them for it. However, one true crime doc on Netflix was more than we bargained for, and has everyone talking. Allow us to introduce you to Abducted in Plain Sight.

There’s … so much wrong with this story, it’s actually hard to know where to begin. At the heart of the story is a young girl who was abused for far too long. It’s not an uncommon story, and it’s heartbreaking every time we hear it. But this particular story has something that other true crime docs of this nature are missing. Namely, a set of parents so remarkably stupid and naive that it borders on criminal. It’s hard enough to hear Jan Broberg recall her abuse in Abducted in Plain Sight. But to hear from her parents, and learn how they made this abuse possible, is beyond the pale. Buckle in readers, we’re going to take you on a wild ride. It’s too outrageous to be real, yet somehow, this all happened. Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the doc!

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