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My Mom Is 70 Today And I Hope I Am As Good Of A Mom As She Is

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84426475Today is my mom’s birthday. You can say Happy Birthday Anita because I should have really been saving up all of my pennies to take her on some amazing cruise to Alaska to see the icebergs and glaciers (she has always wanted to do that) or bought her a diamond bracelet she would hate (she doesn’t like flash like that) or done something more monumental to commemorate the fact she turns 70-years-old today.

She would hate it if someone said 70-years-young. She hates stuff like that.

My mom came to American when she was six from Riga, Latvia during WW II. She didn’t speak of a lick of English, but she spoke Latvian and German and before she came to the USA they stuck her in a camp to fatten her up because she was a sickly, scrawny, malnourished thing.

She married her high school sweetheart and drank beer from cans and smoked cigarettes and teased her hair and wore twinsets and loved The Rolling Stones and gave birth to three girls and I was one of them. We moved around a lot, we were poor sometimes and not so poor at other times and growing up she never had a winter coat but my sisters and I always did.

She made really amazing lasagna, and had a restaurant, with a jukebox, that also had Van Morrison on it.

She always dressed us up for Halloween, and baked sugar cookies with us, and I had so many books growing up and cats. We had a lot of cats.

Eventually my parents divorced and then my mom had three teenage girls to raise alone with very minimal child support and she could make potatoes a million different ways. To this day she makes the best hash browns on earth.

And that’s how it would be if you came to see my mom. She would make you hash browns, or egg rolls, or these tiny little hamburgers with everything great on them and the rolls browned with butter and she would offer you a drink. Yes, there would be drinking. That is my mom – she likes to have a drink with someone and cook them their favorite food and ask them questions because she loves listening to people and she is one of those people who asks people their stories.

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