22 Popular Kids’ Movies With The Best Life Lessons

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The lion king 2019

Image: Disney / The Lion King

When we were children, we grew up watching animated movies from Disney and Dreamworks. We shamelessly stared at the screen in child-like wonder, admiring how beautiful Ariel and Jasmine looked or developing a crush on Prince Eric or Aladdin. Most of us set our love for animated movies in the past, although we unapologetically continue to instill a love for 90’s Disney movies and Walt Disney World in our children (or our nieces and nephews). But that does not have to be the case. As we got older and wiser, we began to appreciate the deeper meaning behind kid’s animated movies that goes beyond beautiful dresses and true love’s kisses.

Animation studios such as Disney and Dreamworks instilled positive values in us as we grew up, often through song. These catchy tunes about persistence, hard work, teamwork, family values, love, and friendship are just what we need when we have a rough day. These songs can bring us back to the times when we were chipper and idealistic and motivate us to never lose track of our goals in life. Consider this list of popular movies with great life lessons a to-watch list for your little family. Your little ones will also benefit from these positive values.

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