STFU Parents: How Not To Mommyjack Your Childfree Friends

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5. You don’t know sleep deprivation “until” you’re a parent

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“Sleepjacking” is an extremely common type of mommyjacking, which we already know, but Charity takes it a step further by getting into the nitty gritty. This is when someone explains why parenting is both awesome and terrible (when no one was even asking). I’m guessing that most childfree people don’t think when their parent friends complain about being sleep-deprived, they’re saying they regret having children. Hence, there’s no need to justify the complaint by saying that having kids is “worth it.” Some parents will back-peddle because they feel guilty for complaining or want to acknowledge that parenting is a choice, but really, no one needs it, especially at the tail end of a sleepjacking. Kids can be exhausting, certainly, but so are friends who provide constant reminders that you don’t know anything until you have a kid.

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