Poor Billy Ray Was All ‘Thanking God For Blessings’ About Miley Cyrus And Her VMA Grind-A-Thon

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mileytwittervmaLulz, celebrities they are just like us and when their kids grow up and start rubbing their bootys all over much older, married pop music crooners it tends to make them all sorts of sad. Last Night Miley took to the MTV Video Awards to shake what her daddy gave her, er, dance around with some pretty badass cool giant bears, wear a fleshy-toned PVC bikini, and some pretty cute crazyass hair. And stick her tongue out a lot. And rub her crotch.

But before we all get all MOM-judgey on her, it’s her party and she can do what she want.
My dumb video was disabled so now you have to mosey on over here to see it.

But my favorite part of all this, other than those giant bears, is how her dad took to twitter and posted this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.00.10 AM

I guess because what can ya say after your baby girl is twerking onstage and rubbing her girl garden with a giant cartoon hand?

I think Miley is pretty adorable and I love how she has broken out of her Disney glass coffin and all that, I just wish her music wasn’t so boring. I see no issue with her VMA performance, this is rock and roll people and it isn’t like she is the only performer in the history of music awards shows to give a sexual performance. Big whoop.  It can’t be easy for her with everyone having these expectations about how she should look and act and criticizing her for every single choice she makes. But then again, she is worth a gazillion squazillion dollars so I can’t feel too bad for her.

(Photo: twitter)