10 Reasons Your Toddler Won’t Eat The Meal You Just Made

Your toddler’s picky eating has many, many dimensions. Your kid may have some varying, rather personal parameters for eating (the kid I once babysat who only ate green things comes to mind), but I assure you that their picky habits usually come down this basic 10.

1. Because it looks “weird”

toddler with fork

(photo: macmirabile)

2. Because I want it plain

toddler waffle

(photo:  mliu92)

3. Because you put something on it

toddler food face

(photo: BobbyBokeh)

4. Because there are “things in it”

toddler food 1

(photo:  a2harvest)

5. Because it touched this

toddler food 2

(photo:  Tanya Puntti (SLR Photography Guide))

6. Because it makes a better toy

toddler sandwich

(photo: RobertaFKing)

7. Because look what I did, mommy

toddler with pear

(photo:  So Cal Mommy)

8. Because this tastes “weird”

child with yogurt

(photo:  a2harvest)

9. Because I would rather eat this random inedible thing

toddler eating

(photo: macmirabile)

10. Because. Cookie

toddler cookie

(photo:  evilpeacock)

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