10 Reasons Your Toddler Won’t Eat The Meal You Just Made

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Your toddler’s picky eating has many, many dimensions. Your kid may have some varying, rather personal parameters for eating (the kid I once babysat who only ate green things comes to mind), but I assure you that their picky habits usually come down this basic 10.

1. Because it looks “weird”

toddler with fork

(photo: macmirabile)

2. Because I want it plain

toddler waffle

(photo:  mliu92)

3. Because you put something on it

toddler food face

(photo: BobbyBokeh)

4. Because there are “things in it”

toddler food 1

(photo:  a2harvest)

5. Because it touched this

toddler food 2

(photo:  Tanya Puntti (SLR Photography Guide))

6. Because it makes a better toy

toddler sandwich

(photo: RobertaFKing)

7. Because look what I did, mommy

toddler with pear

(photo:  So Cal Mommy)

8. Because this tastes “weird”

child with yogurt

(photo:  a2harvest)

9. Because I would rather eat this random inedible thing

toddler eating

(photo: macmirabile)

10. Because. Cookie

toddler cookie

(photo:  evilpeacock)