STFU Parents: Are Grandmajackers Annoying Or Just Cluelessly Adorable?

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If there’s one social media demographic that tends to eschew the “rules” of online engagement, it’s older people. I’m talking about people who only learned how to use Facebook in very recent years and couldn’t care less about their social media “brand.” People who use too many exclamation points, or no punctuation at all, and have an affinity for disregarding context in any given conversation. That’s right, I’m talking about grandparents.

Grandparents have a pretty solid online presence in 2015, and their understanding of social media deepens with every grandchild. How exciting it is for grandparents to now show off their grandchildren not just in line at the supermarket, but on the World Wide Web, too! These are truly modern times, and most of us know plenty of grandparents who take full advantage of technological advancements, whether it’s FaceTiming with their grandkids, posting videos of them on YouTube, or fawning all over their progeny’s progeny on Facebook. And for the most part, grandparents are a welcome dose of sweetness on social media, as most older people (in my feed, at least) appear to be much more interested in reflecting on the wonders of life than engaging in rage-heavy threads about, say, the disastrous effects of fracking. Grandparents are on social media to digitally pinch the cheeks of their loved ones, not to rattle off a pointless rant about the Apple watch. They make Facebook a more lovable place to be, and for that, I thank them.

That said, some grandparents might want to reconsider their approach to talking about their grandchildren online. Sheer excitement can get the best of anyone, but it especially gets the best of all the proud Nanas out there.

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