Hot Car Deaths Are Horrific Accidents, So Stop Being So Judgmental

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baby-sleeping-car-seatEvery year as the weather gets warmer we start seeing stories about kids being accidentally left in the car. It’s a terrible and preventable death, and in most cases it’s a genuine accident. Parents don’t intend for it to happen and are left devastated when it does. With our hectic, over-scheduled lives, any one of us could go on auto-pilot and make a catastrophic mistake, so why do we come down so hard on the parents who do?

PopSugar recently posted about a team of engineering students at Rice University who are working on a life-saving invention called Infant SOS. It’s an accessory that fits any standard car seat and can send text alerts to a parent’s phone in the event that their child is left in the car. It lights up and makes noise in an attempt to alert passers-by, and it also has a cooling system that can help keep the child from suffering a heat stroke before help can arrive.

The students’ creation could potentially save a child’s life one day. Shocking statistics show, on average, 38 children die from heat-related car deaths each year. “It works out to about a child every two to three days.” said Audrey Clayton, one of the creators of Infant SOS. “Our hope is that our device can prevent this from happening.”

You’d think a device like this, or anything that makes an effort to keep these car deaths from happening would be met with a lot of praise. Instead, the discussion on PopSugar was littered with people who just wanted to berate parents for being “irresponsible” and even needing something like this in the first place.

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