Meet The Mom Who’s Trying To Turn Her Human Kids Into Plastic Barbies

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blinging up baby youtube screen shotThe Daily Mail has done it again. Meet Sophie-May Dixon, the Barbie obsessed mom from the U.K.’s new television show “Blinging Up Baby,” and her two children, Precious Bell (age one) and Princess Bliss (age four). Yes, those are their real names. And when I say Barbie obsessed, I mean it. Sophie is bound and determined to turn her girls into her own warped version of what Barbie’s children would look like, if Barbie were real. This is how they look. Every. Single. Day.

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According to The Mail, Sophie not only has the girls dress in pink, jewel-encrusted gowns and shoes every day (like her idol Barbie), but they also receive regular spray tans, wear fake nails and own adult-sized hair pieces. Sophie also has some questionable ideas about gender. When asked about the girls’ earrings, she says she believes little girls should have them, lest they be confused for boys. Because we all know that the worst thing a girl can be called is a boy, amirite?

I have too say, I love how deliciously judgey The Mail is in their Barbie Babies feature, though considering it’s The Daily Fail they probably shouldn’t be judging anyone. Here’s what the author, Shona Sibary, had to say about meeting the trio:

“As I take a seat, the girls charge around the downstairs of the three-bedroom house in Canvey Island, Essex, in the way all youngsters do.
Both have heavy gold loops in their ears and, if you didn’t know better, you’d assume they’d raided a dressing up box.

At some point these outlandish outfits will be changed for the summer T-shirts and shorts little girls feel most comfortable in, surely?
It seems not. For Princess and Precious, this very adult, Vegas showgirl look is part of everyday life.
From their over-the-top names right down to the blonde cascading hairpiece Princess wears daily, Sophie-May has orchestrated every aspect of her little girls’ lives to ensure they stand out from the crowd.”

This is bitchy as hell, but I’m sympathetic after seeing the hell this mom puts her kids through in the name of Barbie-tastic beauty. Sophie and her girls will be appearing on Channel 5’s new show “Blinging Up Baby,” which is based on an E! channel special by the same name, so you know it’s going to be CRAY CRAY. I watched a few other clips on YouTube, and these kids put Honey Boo Boo to shame. To shame I tell you!

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