TGI Friday Open Thread: Be Honest, Do You Think You Do More Around The House Than Your Partner?

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There is a conversation that often comes up when I am talking to other moms about free time. It’s usually brought up in a very light-hearted, joking way – but when the subject of time management and free time comes up, I almost always hear a joke about how much more my friends feel like they are doing around the house, for their children, etcetera – than their partners.

I think a lot of people who are the primary caregivers for children in the household feel like they really do a lot more than their partners and have a lot less free time. I’m just not sure if people are comfortable admitting to this. Frankly, it can make you sound kind of like a jerk. But what if it’s true? How do we vent about this without sounding like an asshole? Am I just projecting today?

I really don’t think I am. I constantly hear friends joking about how much more they do around the house than their husbands. Even in the households where both parents work – it seems like my mom friends feel constantly overwhelmed with tasks. Is this happening to other mothers out there?

I know in my house, we share childcare responsibilities, but I still feel like my partner is much better than I am about demanding “me” time. I work all day, then when I’m done the kids get passed in my direction. I sort of feel like I don’t really have a break.

For those of you who are able to balance this stuff out – how do you do it? Is there really a truly fair and balanced household in existence that most people have? If so, how do you get there? Do any of you feel like you are constantly bearing the brunt of household responsibilities – or am I just a martyr?