New Infographic Shows Modern Dads Helping Out More Than Ever

The gender dynamics of parenting are changing and I think all of us should be pretty excited. Not only does it mean that modern moms aren’t responsible for every load of laundry and every evening meal, it meals that our homes are becoming more balanced and equal than every before! Men are getting to experience the fatherhood in a more connected way and women are getting their partner’s help and support as they navigate the ever-elusive struggle for work life balance.

Dads are helping out around the house more than ever. They’ll pulling their fair share when it comes to cooking, cleaning, spending time with the kids and shopping. But an interesting piece of information that might get overlooked while we’re celebrating is that men are also becoming more likely to discuss fatherhood. They’re sharing more pictures and thought about family online than ever before.

Why is the social media presence of dads so important? Well I think it demonstrates just how important family is to men. The general assumption for so long has been that the woman cared about family matters and the men cared about their career. The more that dads open up about their devotion to the families, the more we as a culture embrace the fact that dads are just as important and capable when it comes to parenting.

This is another side of equality that we’re seeing. Women are becoming more equal in the office and men are gaining some much-deserved recognition at home. In the old traditional system, both sexes missed out on things that were important.

So, here’s your warm-fuzzy for the day: the thought that more men are committed to being involved and active fathers than ever before. Let’s give these guys a round of applause and diaper to change!

(via Online Schools)

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