How Many Times Is It OK to Change Your Baby Name?

Sometimes we pick a crap baby name. It’s sad, but it’s true. If that happens and we’re lucky enough to realize it before young Abcde and Neveah are old enough to remember, it’s totally OK to change a baby’s name. But how many times can we play that card? A popular blogger has brought that question to light after considering changing her baby’s name multiple times.

Australian mom blogger Sophie Cachia of The Young Mummy has an adorable baby girl named … something. The baby definitely has a name. She’s had several!

First the baby was called Betty Margaret Cachia, after her two grandmothers. She was called Betty for two weeks before her parents decided to change her name. For two days she was Missy, and then finally Florence. Her nickname is Flossie, which is great and makes her sound like a character in a PG Wodehouse novel.

Then six months later her parents were reconsidering her name again. This time they were like, “Maybe Audrey?”

In the end Cachia decided not to legally change the baby’s name, but she did decide to jettison the middle name “Margaret.” The baby might legally be Florence Margaret, but now they’re calling her Florence Gigi.

“So yeah … basically I suck at naming girls,” Cachia wrote.

Baby name regret is real.

Cachia’s followers have a lot of baby name regret of their own. Personally, I can’t stop laughing at this lady who accidentally named her daughter after a Pokemon.

“I always loved Evie for a girls name and hubby was on board with that, so we agreed that if I ever had a girl she would be Evie. I’d loved it for such a long time and at 36wks it just didn’t feel right. I mentioned it to hubby who told me he had seen it spelt Eevee,” wrote a commenter going by okitsdanni. “I thought it looked fun, and fresh and didn’t put anymore thought into it. When we had a girl we named her Eevee and it wasn’t until her Medicare card came out I was like ‘oh no what the fuck did I do?!!!’. We never changed it, but I wish we did. I still regret it every time I write her name.”

Eevee sounds like a totally normal name, but I am dying at the idea of a mom seeing it written down on a social security card and going, “Oh no, what the fuck did I do!?”

Maybe Eevee will evolve into Evie on her own someday.

Other great stories include the lady who accidentally gave her son the initials “BJ.”

One woman said she wanted to change the baby name at three months, but was convinced to wait and see. Now the baby is 17 months and she still wants to change it, but thinks it might be too late.

It’s OK to change a baby’s name, especially if you named it something like Abcde. But try to change it quickly. At 6 months, the kid will never remember being called Abcde. Heck, maybe they’ll have a head-start on their ABCs. But 17 months is a little late to change a kid’s name without a pressing reason. (If you named your daughter Isis in 2009, nobody would blame you for changing it later.)

Have you ever wanted to change your kid’s name? We want to hear the story in the comments.

(H/T TV3; Image: iStockPhoto / AND-ONE)

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