Entrepreneur Barbie Will Inspire Girls To Wear Heels To Work

Hey everybody! It’s the Barbie we have all been waiting for; the one that will erase the whole Sport Illustrated snafu. There’s more to Barbie than her body, you guys. Mattel hired some seriously interesting women to help craft Entrepreneur Barbie. It’s a step in the right direction.

After 150+ careers Barbie® doll has finally decided to start a business of her own! Her ”smartphone,” tablet and briefcase are the tools of her trade and always by her side. Ready for the next big pitch, Barbie® Entrepreneur doll wears a sophisticated dress in signature pink that features modern color blocking and a sleek silhouette. Luxe details, like a glam necklace, cool clutch and elegant hairstyle, are smart, professional touches.

After 150+ careers , Barbie doll has finally decided to start a business of her own! What kind? Who cares! The kind that allows you to wear heels and a glam necklace! And don’t all entrepreneurs have stylish clutches? Yes, they do! Smart and professional!



You know what? I’m a shameless lover of Barbie – I admit it. I grew up playing with her and she was strong and dynamic and fantastic. Kids pour their imaginations into these dolls. They take up the personalities you assign them. Yes, I am making fun of her smart outfit, but Barbie is a fashion doll. I’m not surprised that Mattel made her look like some Mad Men throwback. And I’m fine with it. Mattel is using eight female entrepreneurs as their CIOs, or Chief Inspiration Officers. One of them explained the look to Wired:

”You can’t be what you can’t see,” says Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit devoted to gender parity in computing and other STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and one of Barbie’s ”CIOs.” ”Unfortunately we live in a culture where girls are bombarded with images of male coders and engineers that just don’t look like them. When you ask a girl what a computer scientist is, she usually pictures a geeky guy typing away. And then we wonder why girls don’t pursue careers in tech! We have to change popular culture and start showing more women, more cool, dynamic, creative women, in these roles.”

The most important thing is, if you buy this for your daughter you’ll start the conversation about what an “entrepreneur” is. So girls will be hearing the message that women start their own businesses- and that is cool with me.

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