STFU, Parents: Facebook Sanctimommies Know Best

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1. The Hard Rs

1. magic mike_60While I understand what Jennifer is getting at here, I want to correct her in saying that “Magic Mike XXL” isn’t just “hard,” okay? It’s ROCK HARD. And how are her kids supposed to fully understand Channing Tatum’s Renaissance Man stripper appeal if they don’t at least catch a glimpse of all the action? Yes, it can be awkward explaining that Seth MacFarlane is both a gifted entertainer and conceited piece of sexist garbage when walking past a movie like “Ted,” but we can’t predetermine every lesson we learn in life, you know? Sometimes you learn how babies are made when you’re still too young to tie to your shoes. Sometimes you learn that Channing Tatum is the star of a beloved, somewhat autobiographic franchise that centers around male strippers when you’re on your way to a Pixar movie with your mom. It’s never too soon to get a quality education on pelvic thrusts. That’s what I always say.

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