5-Year-Old Boy Dressed As Batman Becomes Real-Life Superhero

batman-robin-pantsThank God it is Friday and we get to end the week on a bit of an upswing, because a ridiculously adorable 5-year-old boy dressed as Batman became a real-life hero this week when he rescued a toddler who was locked in a hot car.

According to The Mirror, a one-year-old girl accidentally was locked in a Volkswagen Beetle in a store parking lot when her grandmother was loading the purchases into the trunk. The keys were in the car with the baby, and nobody could get in to retrieve them.

The grandmother called the police and the car’s rear window was smashed to get inside and rescue the baby, but none of the adults present could fit through. Just then, however, a 5-year-old in a Batman suit arrived and asked if they needed any assistance. (He also brought his two-year-old brother, who was dressed as Superman, which just makes this story even cuter.)

That morning, 5-year-old Zavi Ahmed told his mother he wanted to dress like Batman for the day. His mother shrugged and said OK, and that he could go be a superhero at Tesco. It was a joke, until they were in the parking lot and saw the police attempting to rescue the baby from the car, at which point Zavi said he could fit right through the hole and get the keys to unlock the car and save the baby.

The adults put down some jackets to cover any glass, and the tiny caped crusader shimmied right into the car, got the keys, and saved the day.

“We couldn’t believe it,” his mother said. “Of all the days for him to dress up and that happens.”

Of course, the next day Zavi said he had to wear his Batman outfit again, because he is a superhero. Fair cop, kid. Zavi is a real-life hero, which means he basically has the world’s best reason to continue dressing up as Batman for as long as he sees fit.

I also recommend clicking through to the Mirror story, because Zavi reenacted the rescue for photographers, and that kid can really work a camera. He’s adorable.

GIF via Senorgif.com

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