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7 Baby Shower Games That Aren’t Boring

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Whether you love them or despise them, baby shower games are a popular tradition to pass the time between cake and the unwrapping of the gifts. Some games, like sniffing melted candy in diapers or trying to guess the flavor of baby food are ones you only have to participate in once to know you never want to do them again. But there are shower games out there that aren’t gross or embarrassing. Here are seven baby shower games your guests will actually enjoy playing.

1. What’s in the bag

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This game from Somewhat Simple, complete with a free printable answer sheet, is great for the early stages of the shower when guests may arrive before their friends and don’t want to stand around awkwardly after they’ve greeted the mom-to-be. You take ten bags and label them each with a letter for the words “Baby Shower” and fill each bag with a baby item that matches the letter on the bag. Guests fill out a sheet guessing what’s in each bag, and results are tallied when mom opens them.

2. Gift timer giveaway

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When it’s time to open gifts, set a time for random increments–three to six minutes works well. The guest who’s gift is being opened when the timer goes off wins a prize. Repeat until your prize stash runs out, setting the timer for a different length of time each round.

3. Diaper notes

diaper notes

From Driven by Decor comes this fun idea that combines function with sentimentality. Rather then have guests write notes of encouragement to the new parents on paper, have them use fine tipped markers to leave a note on a diaper, and designate these diapers for middle of the night changes. (Driven By Decor says cloth-like diapers, like Pampers Swaddlers work best for this). This way when mom or dad are reaching for a diaper at 2 a.m. they get a sweet or silly pick me up to help combat their exhaustion.

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