27 Baby-Proofing Items Every House Needs ASAP

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baby crawling

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Parenting is a whole new world, and for many new parents, safety is the number one concern. We spend hours comparing and contrasting car seats before buying one in the weeks leading up to Baby’s birth. We read countless books and reports about how to keep our little ones safe medically. We read endless reviews to determine which shampoos, diaper creams, and lotions will not hurt delicate new skin. And we spend lots and lots of money on baby proofing.

That’s right: baby proofing. A catch-all name for all the little things we do around the house to make day-to-day life safer for our little one. Much of it isn’t a necessity right at first, but the older a child gets, the more ways they find to get into everything. Different parents take different approaches to this task. Some may opt to just have a few “baby-friendly” areas in strategic locations, cordoned off with gates. Others confine the electronics and non-baby gear to a select area. Others still aim to baby-proof everything. Whatever your style, we cover the basics here.

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