Forrest Gump Isn’t Exactly The Feel-Good Movie We Always Thought It Was!

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forrest gump

Image: Paramount Pictures

One of the most annoying things about getting older is looking back on some of your childhood favs and realizing they were … not super great. We have different standards now! What we found endearing or entertaining as kids doesn’t always hold up to our more mature scrutiny. Plus, we have all these life experiences that shade our perception now. That doesn’t mean the things we loved as kids are necessarily bad. However, as adults we can look at the movies and TV shows we watched as kids through a different lens. And a lot of the time, we might not like what we see. For example, everyone loved the movie Forrest Gump, right? Tom Hanks! Historical plot points! Bubba! But have you re-watched it as an adult? Because yikes.

We would very likely walk into a burning building to save Tom Hanks, National Treasure. But Forrest Gump plays a LOT differently watching it as an adult. Some of the little things we found funny or touching are … not exactly that anymore. And now that we’re older and (arguably) smarter, it’s easy to see how messed up some parts of the movie actually are! If you’ve recently watched it again after a long time, you might be wondering if you’re the only one who thinks it’s kind of messed up. Friends – you are not.

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