This SNL Commercial for Pro-Chiller Leggings Speaks to Us

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OK, the only thing wrong with this pro-chiller leggings commercial on Saturday Night Live is that it’s not real and I can’t buy them. Because I would. Ten pairs. Last weekend, the sketch comedy show aired a fake commercial for “Nike Pro-Chiller Leggings”, and the entire thing is hilarious and relatable from start to finish. Maybe a little too relatable, honestly. I am firmly Team Leggings are Pants, so it’s like Kate McKinnon and crew were speaking directly to my legging-clad heart.

The pro-chiller leggings commercial is what commercials for leggings would look like if they were 100% honest. Sure, plenty of women wear leggings for actual exercise. But more of us still wear them because pants suck and leggings feel good.

The commercial opens with a voice-over: “Introducing the new Nike Pro-Chiller Legging. Designed for endurance, but used for what most women actually do in leggings — settin’ up shop on that couch.” The my imaginary best friend Kate McKinnon takes over: “Because let’s get real. Leggings can be pants, pajamas, and a napkin.”

kate mckinnon snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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Then Aidy Bryant hits us with the functionality of these amazing leggings. Couch panini is what I strive for everyday of my life.

aidy bryant snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Pro-chiller leggings are for the rule breakers, the game-changers, the women who give bras the middle finger! Because when you’re wearing these, bras are a big no.

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No. Bra. Ever. Honestly, if SNL knew what was good, they would team up with Nike and make pro-chiller leggings an actual thing that we can buy. You KNOW these would sell out in a hot minute! But even though they’re not real (WAH!), at least we’ll always have one of the best faux commercials of all time. You can watch the entire thing for yourself below if you missed it on Saturday. Go slip into a pair of leggings and have a laugh. LOL just kidding, just hit play, I know you’re already wearing leggings.

(Image: YouTube / Saturday Night Live)