Parents of Toddler Who Was Left Overnight in a Corn Maze Speak Up and Their Excuse Makes Sense

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It’s not unusual to get lost in a corn maze. It’s not even unusual to lose a small child at an amusement spot like a corn maze. But earlier this week some parents lost a 3-year-old boy in a corn maze, and then didn’t notice until the next morning.

“How the Hell do you lose a child in a corn maze and not notice until the next morning?” everybody asked.

Three-year-old children are not exactly quiet or subdued. The parents’ night was full of instances where one would think they’d notice, “Where is the kid?”

How, for example, did the parents even leave the corn maze? One would think they’d see the empty car seat and go running back. Somehow they even made it through dinner and bedtime without noticing the kid was missing. It defied all logic.

A lot of people probably wondered if there were substance abuse issues going on. Fortunately, there do not appear to be. But the actual answer to how the mother lost a 3-year-old in a corn maze and didn’t notice till morning turns out to be way more surprising than anybody expected:

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