Wasps Built a Nest Around a Doll, and It’s the Creepiest Thing You’ll Ever See

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Last week I thought that finding a nest of rattlesnakes in a kid’s playhouse was the creepiest thing nature could do. Consider this an open letter of apology to snakes, because an intrepid family of wasps has more than outdone them. Somehow, wasps built a nest around a creepy baby doll, and the results will give you nightmares forever.

Bees are sweet. Wasps are tiny flying jerks.

Bees and wasps are both stinging insects, but they’re very different. Bees are fuzzy and delightful, and for the most part they won’t bother us if we don’t bother them. Wasps, on the other hand, are flying jerks. Bees are hardworking pollinators, and they’re key to the survival of most of the foods we need to survive. While bees are busily keeping the entire world fed, wasps are doing things like this:


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